Обложка игры ENDLESS™ Dungeon

ENDLESS™ Dungeon

  • Дата релиза: 18.05.2023
    • Разработчик: AMPLITUDE Studios
    • Издатель: SEGA
    • Доступные языки: английский, русский (субтитры)
    • Жанр: Экшен, Стратегия

ENDLESS™ Dungeon is a Rogue-lite Tactical Action game, set in the award-winning Endless universe. Recruit a team of shipwrecked heroes, plunge into a long-abandoned space station, and protect your crystal against never-ending waves of monsters… or die trying, get reloaded, and try again.

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Системные требования

  • ОС: Windows 7, 64-Bit
  • Процессор: Desktop's Intel Core i5 4th generation / AMD FX-8370 or any Desktop's AMD Ryzen
  • Оперативная память: 8 GB ОЗУ
  • Видеокарта: NVIDIA GTX 760 / AMD R9 280
  • Место на диске: 11 GB
  • Дополнительно: 720p, Medium quality, 30fps
  • ОС: Windows 10, 64-bit
  • Процессор: Desktop's Intel Core i7 10th generation / Desktop's AMD Ryzen 5000 Series
  • Оперативная память: 12 GB ОЗУ
  • Видеокарта: NVIDIA GTX 970 / RTX 2060 / AMD R9 390 / RX 490 / RX 580
  • Место на диске: 11 GB
  • Дополнительно: 1080p, High quality, 60fps

Last Wish Edition

Готовьтесь, будет жарко! Оформите предзаказ на издание Last Wish Edition для ENDLESS™ Dungeon прямо сейчас — и вам достанется гора эксклюзивного контента прямиком со станции!
- Базовая игра
- Доступ к игре на 48 часов раньше официального выхода
- Немедленный доступ к Final Rodeo OpenDev
- Доступ к закрытому бета-тестированию
- Набор обликов Die-Hard Elite (3 облика героев)
- Набор обликов Pioneer Elite (3 облика героев, 4 облика оружия, 1 облик кристального бота) (бонус за предзаказ)
- Цифровой артбук «Сорвиголовы»
- Оригинальный цифровой саундтрек, записанный при участии певицы Леры Линн и композитора Арно Роя
- Значки и аватары G2G (бонус за предзаказ)

Об игре

ENDLESS™ Dungeon is a unique blend of roguelite, tactical action, and tower defense set in the award-winning ENDLESS™ Universe. Plunge into an abandoned space station alone or with friends in co-op, recruit a team of shipwrecked heroes, and protect your crystal against never-ending waves of monsters... or die trying, get reloaded, and try again.


You're stranded on an abandoned space station chock-full of monsters and mysteries. To get out you'll have to reach The Core, but you can't do that without your crystal bot. That scuttling critter is your key to surviving the procedurally generated rooms of this space ruin. Sadly, it's also a fragile soul, and every monster in the place wants a piece of it. You're going to have to think quick, plan well, place your turrets, and then... fireworks! Bugs, bots and blobs will stop at nothing to turn you and that crystal into dust and debris. With a large choice of weapons and turrets, the right gear will be the difference between life and death.


You can face the horrors of the Station riding solo, or squad up and run the gauntlet in 3 player co-op. Once you've got your posse, plan your moves. Pick their weapons from a wide choice ranging from flamethrowers to poison snipers. When you're set, enter the Station to take on a character's quest, take a stab at escaping, or just go loco on the locals. You'll likely die trying, but hey, that's the way it goes in this space dungeon!


Prepare to meet a cast of colorful heroes all gunning for the same goal: to get the hell out! Each brings their own cards to the table. There's tanky Bunker who'll soak up damage, fiery Blaze who loves to blow stuff up, or maybe Shroom who'll heal her squadmates with her "unusual" incense. Select your heroes to build the team that works for you. As you get to know them, you'll learn that they all have their own particular motivations and secrets...


Escaping means overcoming all the dangers of the Station. Yup, all of them. Deadly robots, merciless monsters, loot, and giant beasts await you at every corner. The deeper you delve into this scrap heap, the more you'll discover its tragic history. Why does the Station reel in any ship that flies too close? Why do you come back every time you kick the bucket? No matter how familiar you are with the ENDLESS™ Universe, the Station has more stories to tell.


Hate to break it to you, this won't be easy and you might die… a lot. But that's okay, because every time you do, you get reloaded back into the Saloon. Think of it as your center of operations (and beverages), where you can upgrade your heroes and weapons, unlock new paths to The Core, chat with the locals, listen to tunes, and drink boosting (and delicious) libations. Then, jump back into the Station and try to get out -- again.